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Dreamland - Area 51, the most secret base in the world. Here, is a 3D VRML model of Groom Lake, Papoose Lake, and Tikaboo Peak. This model was created using Satellite images, and USGS digital elevation data.
Aurora - America's hypersonic spyplane. Aurora is a general name for a family of hypersonic vehicles. The unusual version depicted here has two modes of propulsion, a ram jet for traveling at subsonic, and supersonicspeeds, and an external burning engine for hypersonic travel.
Black Triangle - Stealth Blimp. Extremely large, and slow moving triangles have been seen by witnesses. Most of the time, these travel so slowly, that people say they can keep up with it by jogging.
Tutorial - Muscular Man. Overview of how I created the low polygon muscular man using Metareyes and 3DS Max.
Tutorial - Rigging a Poser Character in Max. Overview for rigging a Poser model with biped, and skin.
Tutorial - Creating a low poly model from a high poly model. Overview for creating texture maps from a highpoly model.
Wee Wimpy Chimps modeling tutorial.
A short tutorial for modeling the chimp in 3D Studio Max.
Chimp tutorials
Stealth Combat Drones From Around the World. Photos and videos of combat UAVs from various countries.
Top Secret Missions of the X-37B. Since the Air Force isn't talking, military experts speculate on this classified program.
A-12 Avenger II - The US Navy's black budget stealth aircraft with the nickname of 'Flying Dorito'.
SR-72 - Why reveal this hypersonic aircraft now? Has something like it been flying since the 1990's?