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Go to Area 51 - VRML The file is approx. 220k.
Known by it's common name, Area 51, Dreamland is probably the most secret base in America. I say probably, because there are even more remote areas within the Nevada Test Site (NTS). Area 51 is part of the NTS; however, only the airspace around Dreamland is restricted to the highest level. Even military pilots are forbidden to enter this 'box', and if one were to stray into it, they would be ordered to land. At which point, their career as a military pilot may be over.

So, what's the draw? Are there alien flying saucers held there? Probably not. Of course, what they do have are the most advanced toys the world has ever seen...or not seen, as the case may be. Even though we pay for these toys as taxpayers, we are not entitled to know what's out there. Also, if you decided to wander in there to find out, you could be shot dead. There are warning signs that declare the "use if deadly force is authorized" toward any trespasser. In other words, don't go wandering in there. If you'd like to see the base, there is a mountain peak about 25 to 30 miles from the base which will give you the closest view possible. See the Area 51 VRML below, to see what it looks like from that mountain top.
Currently, I have something quite unique to offer - a VRML model of Groom Lake, Papoose Lake, and Tikaboo Peak. This model was created using Satellite images, and USGS digital elevation data.Tikaboo Peak is the closest vantage point to view Area 51 (25 to 30 mi.) Freedom Ridge, and Whites Sides, are about ten miles from the base, but these hills have been grabbed by the military. If you've never been to Tikaboo Peak, this is an accurate representaion of what you'll see...which is...not much. Twenty-five miles never seemed so far! Binoculars help, but what you really need is a large Schmidt Telescope (assuming you're willing to haul it uphill for 3 hours). So, if you're ever foolish enough to go there, be prepared to spend some time getting lost, and a long hike. Also, be sure and get the Area 51 Viewer's Guide by Glen Campbell.

If you're an armchair adventurer, or would like a preview of what you'll see, then check out the VRML file.

The image above is the VRML model. You are looking northward. Tikaboo Peak is marked by a yellow spike in the northeast corner of the model. The town of Rachel is off the map, to the north. Las Vegas is about 100 miles to the south (Tikaboo is about 25 mi. from the base). In this model you can fly around the area, or choose preset cameras to take you to various sites.
Freedom Ridge and White Sides are no longer accessible to the public. The only legal place to view Area 51 is from Tikaboo Peak (over 25 miles away).
Contrary to popular belief, Bob Lazar never claimed that alien craft were stored at Area 51. He claims that he was flown to Groom Lake, then transported to Papoose Lake via a blacked out bus. The location is S4, a facility with hangar doors built into the side of the hill, and painted to camouflage it from spy satellites.
Groom Lask and Papoose Lake are uncomfortably close to the Nevada Test Site, where they tested atomic weapons. You can see the giant craters from the above ground explosions. The images were created from satellite images and USGS survey data. The model was created with World Construction Set, and rendered in 3D Studio Max.
Take a tour of Area 51 and the entire Nevada Test Site. The video starts off from Tikaboo Peak, then circles around Groom Lake and Papoose Lake. It proceeds across the northern border of the NTS, ending at Beatty, Nevada. The camera moves towards the southern border, the moves back east. This video was created with World Construction Set. It took months to create, but can be easily done now with Google Earth.

As you can see, there are many places to hide things from prying eyes. If you examine satellite images of the NTS closely, you can see large power lines that seemingly end in the middle of nowhere. There are rumors of a massive underground facility called Area 19 hidden amongst the hilly terrain. Also there are rumors of a landing strip that is invisible from the air until sprinklers along the sides are turned on revealing the runway.View the movie here.

This model is available for purchase at Turbosquid.
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