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Generic Passenger Elevator. 10 floor control panel with braille labels. Center opening doors. Available at Turbosquid.
These stock models are available for immediate download at Turbosquid.
Executive Elevator. Elegantly styled passenger elevator with wood paneling. Perfect for luxury or executive interiors. Available at Turbosquid.
The Robie House is one of Frank Lloyd Wright's architectural masterworks. The model is fully textured, but does not include any vegetation. Available at Turbosquid.
Nevada Test Site. This model uses USGS digital elevation data, and satellite imagery to recreate the Nevada Test Site, including Groom Lake (Area 51). Turbosquid.
Reception Information Desk. Four sided information or reception desk. Curved wood design with glass top. Turbosquid.
Reception Desk. Curved wood design with glass top. Turbosquid.
Military Ground Effects Aircraft. Military aircraft that flies in normal or ground effects mode. Swing wing retracts into pontoons. Turbosquid.
Passenger ground effects vehicle flies a meter above water. Turbosquid.
M-1A Tank. This low polygon model is suitable for mobile 3D games. It includes 3 different level of detail, 550, 250, and 90 polygons. Turbosquid.
Free Model of Pirate. This freebie is for you game hobbyists. Ghost pirate rigged with biped and physique. Max 9 or above only. Turbosquid.