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Character Rigged with Muscles, and Skeleton. This Poser model was rigged in 3DS Max, and features working muscles and skeleton. Everything about this character is synthetic, including his voice. ©2007
Chicxulub is the name given to the event that caused the extinction of the dinosaurs, 65 million years ago.This animation reveals a comet smashing into earth, and debris raining back down to earth.
A 15 second station identification spot for Tech TV. Created using Maya.
Characters modeled in Max, and Maya. Animated in Maya. Metaball effects created in Max. Background created with and Maya.
This simulates the real world physics of water flowing over a dome shape. The water was created with a fluid dynamics simulation program. ©2008
Looping animation of a diamond ring. The ring is a modified version of an existing model, and rendered with Global Illumination and lens effects. ©2007
This video was designed for play back on a cellphone in order to showcase a new product and service. 3D Studio Max, and Photoshop.
Raindrops splatter on a window pane, forming the Tech TV logo. A tree in the background is hit by lightning. Uses the MS MPEG4 Codec. Created with Maya, Vue D' Esprit, and Photoshop.
This is a simple video showcasing a product, nothing fancy. It was meant to loop on a computer screen at trade shows. © 2007
Depiction of America's black budget, hypersonic spyplane. To learn more about this fantastic aricraft, go to the nonsequitur page. Created with Max, Photoshop, and World Construction Set.For more information about the craft, go here.
This scene was created from DWG CAD files. Rendered in Max with Mental Ray ©2007
A short animation created with Max, Photoshop, and Vue D'esprit.For more information about the craft, go here.
Jewel Quest
Some jewel animations from Jewel Quest. ©2009 & 2010