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Louvre Museum Background for Jewel Quest.
Sushi-x provides computer graphic, and illustration services. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving the full potential of their vision. By developing the art in stages, and aquiring continuous feedback from the client, we're able to build that vision together. Below are some samples from previous projects.
Neuschwanstein Background for Jewel Quest
Sigiriya Background for Jewel Quest.
The Old Yard Park for Spogs Baseball.
Pickle Park for Spogs Baseball.
Pickle Park for Spogs Baseball. The little round critters are called Spogs.
Library of Congress Interior for Jewel Quest.
Library of Congress Foyer for Jewel Quest.
Louvre Museum for Jewel Quest.
Cortez Site for Jewel Quest.
Macchu Picchu for Jewel Quest.
Petra for Jewel Quest.
British Museum for Jewel Quest.
Tenochtitlan for Jewel Quest.
Rollcage Game. Magazine Cover Art.
Player Model for UT 2003.
Game Characters for Barnstormers, a Playstation 1 game.
Level of Details for Low Polygon Character.