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Executive style elevator. This stock model is available at Turbosquid.
Sushi-x provides computer graphic, and illustration services. Our goal is to assist our clients in achieving the full potential of their vision. By developing the art in stages, and aquiring continuous feedback from the client, we're able to build that vision together. Below are some samples from previous projects.
Virtual Lobby. This image allows visitors to click on locations leading to various seminars, white pages, information and chat rooms.
LED Watch Design Concept.
Virtual Trade Show Lobby. Guests are greeted by this image before entering an online trade show. They enter various locations and exhibits through this portal. They can even enter the restrooms.
Library of Congress Replica for Jewel Quest.
Frank Lloyd Wright's Robie House. This stock model is available at Turbosquid.
Ground Effect Aircraft. Passenger shuttle. This stock model is available at Turbosquid.
Ground Effect Aircraft docked at marina.
Library of Congress Foyer replica for Jewel Quest.
Ground Effect Aircraft Swing Wing Configuration. With the wings fully extended, it is able to fly to 20k feet.
Virtual Trade Show Plaza.
Tenochtitlan Replica for Jewel Quest.
Military Ground Effects Aircraft. Swing wings fold into the pontoons. When fully extended, it's capable of flying to 20k feet. This stock model is available at Turbosquid.
Interior of Swing Wing Aircraft. It is a cargo and troop carrier.
Interior of Swing Wing Aircaft with empty cargo bay.
Louvre Museum Replica for Jewel Quest.
Security Control Room.
HP Printer Emulator for the Retail Environment.