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Welcome to Femtogames. This is the home of the Alien Babies, Wee Wimpy Chimps, Osama Bin Losin, and other fun characters. Femtogames develops unique, and original products, including screen savers, games, and entertainment related software. Best of all, all downloads are free.
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Win Serf is simply amazing. It is a world clock, alarm, sticky note, and reminder program. It features a 3D Earth that changes from day to night in synchronization with the real earth and sun. You must check out this cool 3D program. Click here to find out more.
Win Serf

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My Office Sim
3D Alien Babies vs. Osama

3D Amazing Yosemite
Lil' Work Motivator
3D Alien Babies: Workfarce

mAz Lite 2
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Win Serf - 3D World Clock, Sticky Note, Alarm Program
Femtogames creates unique and innovative 3D screen savers.
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mAz - 3D Puzzle Game
mAz is a fun, and unique game for the mind. It is a 3d maze game, and is suitable for players of all ages. Kids and adults will enjoy using logic, and memory to solve puzzles in a 3D world. Don't forget to check out the other games too.
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